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Drichi is a specialized team for the production of leather products in Tabriz, which started working in the field of leather shoe bags in 1372, and later, with the aim of designing the most up-to-date leather products, expanded its line of work and produced leather accessories. Self-contracted. Today, after years of experience in designing and producing various leather products, it has been able to gain a special place in the Tabriz leather market and introduce its brand to the domestic market. In the coming years, Darichi increased its production volume several times and was able to send its products to other cities of Iran in addition to meeting the needs of Tabriz market.

Therefore, in addition to traditional sales, he also launched his site and put online sales on his special agenda. The experience of online shopping is something that is completely born of today's technological world. In a world where humans can travel the longest distances in the shortest possible time and thus accelerate their lives, buying and selling online has been a natural response that humans have given to the formation of their lives in the modern world.

This issue has become so prevalent today that any manufacturer who ignores online sales will easily be eliminated and forgotten in the traditional market. In this regard, the Darici site was launched and an experienced team in the field of online sales began to work. Today, by expanding its products in various categories, it has turned its site into a useful resource for buying leather products online with a very stylish design and appearance. Drichi is a professional leather production team in Tabriz that sells its products directly. If you want to buy quality leather at an affordable price from a reputable manufacturer, Darchi is an ideal choice for you!

Today, the method of payment is very different from the last 5 years. In the new method, all you have to do is decide to buy a product and after selecting it from one of the sites and transferring it to the desired bank portal, pay the amount of the product and have it delivered to your home. It seems easier than commuting to buy a product. Darichi Central Warehouse is located in Tabriz and sends many products to different places every day. Surely a smart choice, both in terms of quality and appearance and affordable price can be a delight. Especially if it reaches you during a safe and fast delivery.

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